perjantai 11. toukokuuta 2007

Pikapostaus / Quickly posting

Uusia kukkijoita löytyy jo! New Bloomers finally...

Primula ?

Omphaloides verna kevätkaihonkukka - in english I have no idea?

Pionit :)))) My Peonies are waiting...

Nyt on pakko mennä ulos, olen puutarhuroinut viimeksi sunnuntaina!!!
I really need to go out now. I haven´t been gardening since last Sunday!!!

2 kommenttia:

quu kirjoitti...

Kevätkaihonkukka on enkuksi jossain lähteessä: Blue-eyed-mary

Miekin olen visusti pysynyt sisätiloissa :D

Anita kirjoitti...

Oh my, so many pots on your window shelf!

So are you already in the right mood for the European Song Contest tonight! Let's hope that the best will win - and I hope Germany will have pretty good chances NOT to end up on the very last place - like some years ago.

Since Monday, we almost have nothing but rain and I had such a busy week at work and now? No chance for gardening due to the rain! Oh, I really miss my garden, and it misses me!

Have a great week-end!